Learning Resources Library:

Our Library is located within campus area but in a different building hence, it is very spacious and well-ventilated, the most appropriate place for learning and reading.

Our library has a very rich collection of books, magazines and periodicals. As a part of reference section we have Encyclopedias, general dictionaries, Directories and Biographies.

The college subscribes one international, 15 learned Indian Journals and five periodicals on vocational guidance’s, career building and other recreational literature which are displayed for students.

Book exhibition, quiz, group discussions, best reader competition etc are activates organized to increase the reading habits and self learning among the students.

Apart from this we have accepted the computerization of library facility and for the same a software SOUL developed by INFLIBNET is purchased. Thus our library is rich in collection and services.

The Computer Center:

Our computer center is well-equipped with 20 latest configuration terminals.

We also have 20 U.P.S for all the terminals with 20 minutes backup.

Internet facility is also available at our programmers computer.

Our computer center remains live from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and this facility is also utilized by the students of other faculties.

The audio-visual room is a common facility of our mother institute Arts college. There is a wide screen T.V., VCR,OHP.,D.L.P., web camera and digital camera etc.


The collage campus has a very large play ground. The collage has taken a very keen intrest in establishing the physical and infrastructural facilities and various sports. The collage authorites have a very positive attitude towards upgrading the facilities of sports. The collage has got a very vast Gymnasium hall indoor games & sports office fior the staff members with bathroom & toilet facilities. Our collage has been very famous for its achievements in sports for the last many years. The collage has been keeping place with the latest inventions in the field of sports and have always tried too maintain the standards of equipments up too the mark. The collage has also appointed a committee of sports, which takes care of the infrastructure along with the physical director of the collage.