Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To mold the youth of this semi-rural area to cope up with the changing global economy and make them competent in the field of banking, commerce and industry to be capable of self-reliant, self-disciplined and adventurous and thereby accelerate the nation building process of our developing economy.

Our Vision:

A bright and promising future for every youth of this region  who enter the threshold of this institution, by imparting qualitative education in the field of commerce.


To provide basic as well as latest information to the students on the respective subjects of their choice.

  • To help the students to bring out the hidden talents in then
  • To encourage the students to be self-disciplined , independent and adventurous.
  • To instill in the students the qualities of politeness, Sincerity, Hard-Work and Dedication.
  • To inspire the students to be patriotic and to make them aware of their rights and duties as the citizens of India.
  • To make the students physically fit, mentally mature and spiritually rich to face the challenges of the modern world.