Computer Center

Computer Center

Computer center is  housed in a adjoining room of college building having total 80 sq mt carpet area with latest computer with all required peripheral equipments to provide practical knowledge and internet access.

Time:- 7.45am to 1.45pm & 3.15pm to 6.00pm

Staff:- Programmer:- Mr Harshil.N. Adesara


39 desktop & 2 laptop with sufficient configuration ,micro smart station for LAN,LCD,OHP, & equipment for speaking and Listening. Sophisticated  ecogronamic furniture, Software and Latest operating systems Bulletin board.


  1. Provide sufficient time of practical work to students of Computer science
  2. Provide opportunities who are interested in develop Computer Science awareness and developing  skills
  3. Internet Access service to all the interested students and staff.
  4. Display the latest news regarding modern technology.
  5. Teaching and learning through LCD/OHP on several occasions
  6. Provide facilities to the students of P.T.C college, B. Ed,& M.Ed. students for their computer science practical work.

Provide facilities to staff members who wish to develop ICT skills.