India is a vast country with a huge population of varied nature, different-customs & tradition. The management education including physical education and sports is a great task to the whole country. The states are of varied types and typical in their approach to education in the case of physical education and sports. It is broad under the ministry of education & ministry of sports in at states and the center it is it is under of H.R.D. & ministry of sports & youth affairs.

In1991-92  action plan of the central government had suggested that every students in the college and school must take part in physical education & sports program for 45 minutes per day .

Playground:- The college campus has a very large play ground. The college has taken a very keen interest in establishing the physical and infrastructural facilities and various sports. The college authorities have a very positive attitude towards upgrading the facilities of sports. The college has got a very vast Gymnasium hall indoor games & sports office for the staff members with bathroom & toilet facilities. Our college has been very famous for its achievements in sports for the last many years. The college has been keeping pace with the latest inventions in the field of sports and have always tried to maintain the standards of equipments up to the mark. The college has also appointed a committee of sports, along with the physical director of the college which takes care of the infrastructure.

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Equipments:- The college has all the required equipments for all above mentioned games. The consumables are also in enough quantity, whenever required .The physical director and sports committee make the necessary purchase of such consumables from the market. Our college received a grant of Rs.3lacs from Ministry of Youth Affairs & Culture, Govt. of India for purchasing various games equipments used in different games.


1)   Medical expenditure in the case of injuries, necessary funds for out station stay and transportation, sport dress, healthy & nutritive food.

2)  While giving admission ,priority is given too the students who have achieved outstanding performance at high school level, Top students are honored &  awarded trophies , certificates & scholarships from the college. The supplementary diet is provided after the practice time particularly before 10-days of the tournament.

Achievements:-Year 2008-09

1)  Champion in Table-Tennis:- (men) single First rank and woman 3rd rank H.N.G University. 1-player selected in All India West Zone Inter University at M.S. University, Baroda.

2) Table Tennis Double Woman:- 3rd rank in H.N.G university .

3)  H.N.G University Inter Collegiate hockey (man-woman) tournament at Commerce College Modasa.

4)  Hockey Man :“Runners up H.N.G.Uni Patan 4-players selected in All India West Zone Inter University at Shivaji University Gwalior.

5)  Hockey Woman :“ Runners up H.N.G.Uni Patan

3-players selected in All India West Zone Inter university at Rajasthan University Bansthali.( among them 1was team captain).

6)  Badminton women:“ Third rank H.N.G.Uni Patan

7)  Softball-Men :-1-player selected in All India west zone Inter university.

8)  Judo-men:- 3rd rank H.N.G University, Patan

9)  Cricket-man:- 1-player selected in All India west zone Inter university at Bombay

YEAR 2009-2010

1) Badminton man:- Third rank in H.N.G.University Patan

(single) 1-player selected in All India west zone Inter university at Bombay

(double) Runners up in H.N.G.University Patan

1)  Badminton woman- Runners up in H.N.G.University Patan.

2)  Judo men:- Third rank in H.N.G.University, Patan

3)  Wresling men:- Third rank in H.N.G.University, Patan

4)   Hockey man:- 1- player selected in All India West Zone Inter University.

Hockey woman:- . 1- player selected in All India West Zone Inter University.